Hortensia a documentary by Reisinger Studio

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From its first stages as a rendering to the tangible object, the origin and evolution of Hortensia Chair was based on a dream.


Starting out as a 3D visualization, Hortensia Chair was limited by the boundaries of the digital world. The transition into the physical world came by the hand of Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué, who wanted to bring their dream closer to the physical reality, while asking themselves what it would feel like to touch and feel Hortensia Chair.


Hortensia Chair innovatively replicates the beauty of nature, whilst bringing about a new future enriched by both realms: digital and physical. A new future full of possibilities and creative challenges.



Andrés Reisinger is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21C. Originally from Argentina, he now creates carefully curated projects in his studio in Barcelona. His instantly-recognisable dream-like imagery have drawn interest from a plethora of collectors, brands and international art galleries.


Júlia Esqué is a top-notch product designer based in Barcelona. Journeyed through various creative processes and experiences before establishing as an independent designer. Her projects are based on research and hands-on making that tend to underline a special bond with textiles.

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With special thanks to AOI
Creative Direction: Andrés Reisinger
Production Direction: Reisinger Studio
Production: Mañana
Director: Maria Sosa
Website: Querida

Reisinger Studio